Weightloss Journey! The journey so far.

In April 2018 I decided it was time to stop being down about my weight and actually do something about it. No more eating unhealthy it was time to eat healthier and getting sorted.
Yes I went through a horrible break up but I feel that it was a wake up call for me to actually try my hardest and actually lose weight instead of putting it off. Also I have a wedding next year in may 2019 (Which I'm bridesmaid for)  which is also another reason why I wanted to actually get some motivation. 

Now I'm not normally open about things like this as its normally something i like to keep to myself but I've had requests on my Instagram to actually share my story and share with you guys that it is actually possible that if you are in the right mindset you can actually achieve something. 

I was a size 22 back in January 2018 which to me I know they say that never look at the label as it doesn't define you but for me it did define me as a person and if I'm honest it made me feel shit …

March Faves 2018

It's the end of March already! How is this even possible?  March well it was a great month. Today I'm going to be sharing with you what I've been enjoying throughout the month if March 
Beauty section:This month I've been really trying to wear some make up and get the last of the winter stuff out the way and make way for spring/summer: 

This Soph eye shadow palette has been my most used one in my collection right now. I love the colour combinations and also the pigmentation of the colours are just insane. I've been really enjoying using this, I saw soph (Sophdoesnails- the person who created this eye shadows) actually talk about this on her channel and instantly went to superdrug and got it (After three superdrugs later) I love the warmer shades like the copper colours and the reds as I feel they create the perfect look in my opinion. This eye shadow palette was only £8 it was a steal. 
NYX Soft matte lip cream in Stockholm: Now we all know my obsession with the soft …

2017 reflection

I can't quite believe that it's 2018 already. This year has been a massive year for me. Things have changed in my life so much. My new years resolutions at the start of 2017 were:
Pass my driving test
Lose weight
Be more confident

Well I can safe say I've done all three of those things. I started to lose weight towards the end of 2016 but I carried it on to this year. I went from a size 24 to a size 14. I'm so proud of my journey, don't get me wrong it's been a massive challenge but I'm so happy with everything I went through to get to were I am now. It's  crazy looking back at pictures of me back over the years and now looking at pictures now and how much I've changed.
On 30th november 2017 I passed my driving test. I started to learn to drive in May 5th. It took me overall 6 months to pass my test and I only had 20 hours of driving with my driving instructor. I was more than lucky to purchase my first car in August that was a massive help in ass…

Lipstick collection 2018

Over the years I've collected a lot of lipsticks, I know this is a lot smaller than most girls lipstick collection. I buy all these lip sticks with my own money and I'm not very out there when it comes to lip colors I just love a nude color and that's it.
Sleek- I'm in love with sleek, Its become one of my favorite brands to buy from. There Matte me range is literally amazing and the color pay off is unreal. I got them as a set at Christmas and if im honest they have been my most worn lip colors in my collections. From Left to right list below: Rioja Red 433Birthday Suit 436Vino Tinto 1041Shabby Chic 1037 Matte Me Metallic - Rusted Rose 1042Matte Me Metallic Volcanic 1043

NYX: I love NYX as a brand, there products are literally amazing. At the moment the soft matte lip cream I have is the most worn lip colour in my collection. The colour is perfect and I just love the way it wears on my lips. I'm not a fan of the butter gloss I've actually given this one away but…

Christmas Gift Guide £10 under! Blogmas Day 10

Christmas is literally around the corner. All you last minute shoppers get some last minute deals for under £10. I've been on the look out for some bargains are these are the ones I have for you. 
1. A4 Cinematic Light Box (£7.50) unisex A light box is one of the most amazing gift I personally could ask for. I feel it is unique as well as you can get it personalized. It's quite a unisex present as well so it can be gifted to anyone.  

2. Harry Potter Hogwarts School Crest Notebook. (£8.00)
I'm a massive harry potter fan I feel this would be one of the most perfect gifts. If you know someone who is a massive potter fan or they love there stationary this is the gift for them. I feel that the crest is just beautiful and it stands out amazing on the front of the book.

3. Real Techniques Fresh Face Favorites (£7.99) My favorite Brushes to use are the Real Techniques brushes. Bringing out a limited edition set is just amazing, I love these if you know someone who loves make up or is j…

Christmas Gift Guide Under £15. Blogmas Day 9

Christmas buying for others I feel can be quite challenging. This year I  wanted to give back to people for being super supportive and gift them with things I feel they would love. Whether your buying for yourself your loved ones or that someone special there is something for everyone.

1.  Soap & Glory Hello Super Spa (£15)
This gift is so perfect for those ladies who love a good pampering. I saw this in boots a couple of weeks ago and actually got this for my mum as I know she is going to love this.
The smell of soap and glory is just pure divine.  This retails for £15 which i feel is a great value for money. 
In the set you get:
Soap & Glory righteous better 2 in 1 (250ml)
Soap & Glory righteous butter (200ml)
Soap & Glory sugar crush body wash (250ml)
Soap & Glory mini scrub of your life (50ml)
Soap & Glory mini face soap & clarity (50ml)
Soap & Glory mini Sexy Mother Pucker in candy queen 
2.  Jack Willis Body Spray Trio (£12.00) I love the jack Willis scent. I…

Winter Park Walk! Blogmas Day 8

Sometimes getting outside is all you need to do. For myself i love to explore national parks and little parks that are full of nature, I visited Bryn Bach Park which is near ebbw Vale. This park is beautiful it has a massive lake. I always like visiting national parks and taking some really nice pictures. I like to post really nice instagrams with some of the photos I've taken @heylucieanne . if you want to see more of my photos follow me over there.....

Here of some of the photos I took with a Cannon Rebel XTI 18-35mm lens.