Why do I love Autumn?

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Every year I look forward to just seeing the leaves fall on the floor,Then when you walk through them they make a lovely crunch sound. The best thing about autumn has to be fashion, Chunky scarfs and chunky knit jumpers also colors such as mustard and berry colors are just perfect in this weather.  Can't forget wearing boots and tights as a staple in the autumn time as the weather just brings out the inner girl. One thing i love the most is the drinks that Starbucks brings out at this time of year can I just note there caramelised pecan latte with almond milk is amazing!!!

Autumn comes with one of my favorite things to do and that is to go on long walks with my loved one. This is one of my favorite spots in Cardiff in coppers field as you can see the stadium in the distance and the river looks so calm. I love to grab a hot chocolate and just walk for miles and enjoying the weather while it isn't raining or being windy. Another thing I like …

Why I Stopped Blogging?

Hello my lovelies. Gosh it feels like forever since I've written that in a blog post. I guess its because its been at least 5 months since I last posted a post.

The reason for my disappearing was that life sort of got a bit crazy. From my last year of finishing college and my job getting quite intense i had hardly any free time no more. College was getting to the point were I wasn't able to have a social life as I was constantly doing coursework submitting essays and presentations all the time. Then came work living in wales we had a lot of big events coming up that's due to the nature of my job working in the stadiums. I was very lucky to work both champions league final games which was an amazing experience.
Blogging for me became something that would take me so long to either write a blog post or find the time to take pictures and edit them and then post them on my blog. It used to be a hobby that I loved to do then it became something that I wasn't enjoying as much a…

Lush: Never Mind The Ballistics. Bath Bomb Review....

This bath bomb caught my eye as soon as I walked into lush. I literally grabbed it as fast as I could and smelt it. No kidding this literally smells so sweet and amazing. It smells citrus smells of lime and oranges. The top half is a beautiful pink shade which has coco butter on it to leave your skin feeling super soft.

The Product itself:
It turns your water a lovely orange and on top the yellow and pink swirls. It makes few bubbles but it just smells so good. The bath bomb did take a while to dissolve in the bath but it didn't matter. I got this bath bomb on offer which was so good. Unfortunate it was apart of their Christmas range so i couldn't get my hands on it again. Overall I loved the product but i wish lush would leave it a part of there classic range as i know a lot of people love it. Also a mention to how beautiful the new lush bags look, They are so pretty and flowery.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!!

2016 went by so quickly, It feels like I just blinked at the year was gone. The year of 2016 was a very positive vibes for myself. This year I've really focused on making myself feel like I am happy to be who I am. 

Ellie Goulding

March 8th I got to see my two favorite people play in my hometown of Cardiff. I manged to get standing tickets which enabled me to be only three rows from the stage. She was accompanied by John Newman. I love Ellie and when I got tickets i'd never been so excited. John Newman... need a moment.. hes such an amazing performer and he slayed, Singing songs that he was well known for, He was truly amazing.  Then Ellie came out, she was so amazing. Her talent with musical instruments is truly amazing. I really enjoyed her concert and I didn't want it to end but sadly it did. 

Job Promotion
This was a big shock to me in 2016. I didn't get promoted just once but twice. I went from being a till cashier to becoming a Team leader, this was crazy t…

The Body Shop Haul. Mini Reviews

Today Im going to be talking about the body shop as a brand and some of there products that Im enjoying right now:

Hand Creams I'm in love with the body shop hand creams. I feel that they are so moisturizing and they leave your hands feels so nice and soft.
I currently have the mango , spiced apple and vanilla chai. I've taken a very like to the mango scented hand cream. I love the smell and the way it leaves my hands after applying it, its so lovely and will become hopefully a cult fave of mine.
The Real reason I went into the body shop was of course because they have the Christmas scents. I'm not too sold on the spiced apple scent this year. I do love the glazed apple scent though that is one of my faves. I'm not overly sold by the vanilla chai scent either, But i will still use them up.

Shower Gels
I'm a shower gel junkie. I'm a sucker for the travel sized ones too as I travel alot. I have a big raspberry shower gel as well that scent is just so lovely.  I'm in…

My Fundraising Story : Cancer Research

Throughout the month of September I challenged myself  to walk 10,000 steps a day. I was raising money for cancer research. About four years ago my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought it was time that I gave back. This really opened my eyes to helping raise money to this fabulous charity that is close to my heart. I've always done charity work but this time it was special. if you would like to make a donation here is the link to do so..... JustGivingPage

Hairstyle Post: Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler Review!

Today I'm going to be talking about this wonderful product... This is the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler  .
I saw this in Superdrug. I really wanted to try it as i'd seen so many amazing reviews on it.

I have medium length hair. (Before i cut and ombre it) so it worked amazing on my hair. One thing i will say is that wear heat proof gloves as I've had multiple accidents with burns on myself. I've found if you take small sections of hair then it gives you that more voluminous vibe to your hair. When you do your roots its best if you have a deep parting as it will give it that effect. The Curls last for a long time aswell. One thing i will say is do not brush your hair otherwise you will have massive puffy hair. I use a afro comb to sometimes brush out the curls to make them look less like a poodle.
Overall im super impressed with this purchase and it has been my go to curling wand.